Monday, May 30, 2011

Glamour, controversies and IPL

As curtains come down for yet another IPL season, we take a look at kisses that hit the headlines, glamour and star kids who were part of it.

Shane Warne with Liz Hurley. They just could not take PDA off the grounds.

Deepika was seen with the Mallya's very often during the IPL. And, you sure wouldn't have forgotten the hot kiss between Sid and DP

SRK - his face was a mirror - when his team won, he was ecstatic, when they lost, he was a sad man

Shilpa - she was pretty low key this season. Blame the injury she suffered

Almost every other day, we had some famous person walking in for a match. Even the Dalai Lama couldn't stay away from the game!

Partners Juhi and SRK - somehow, KKR just did not get it right this time around too.

Here's one more celeb owner of a team - and she sure has reasons to celebrate.

Adding the glam factor - Neha Dhupia at a match.

Hrithik roots for SRK and KKR of course

Priyanka was seen at on of the KKR matches - rooting for SRK or KKR? we are not sure.

Spotted during an IPL match, the Sen sisters were truly sensational.

And then came Liz Hurley. Nothing was same after that.

Even though Sid- DP romance was blooming, Shane and Liz took the centre stage

The cameras unglued themselves from Liz and Shane only when these stars brought their families along. Sachin with his family - son Arjun, daughter Sara and wife Anjali.

And oh we so loved the young Mr Preston Charles, Brett Lee's lil son. We wonder what he will grow up to be.

And the owners show off their cricket skills. Preity at the crease

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