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Top 10 Most Famous Facts That Are Wrong

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We all believe things to be true that are, in fact, quite wrong. Many of these “facts” we learned in school, while some of them we picked up from friends or on TV—or just “heard somewhere.” Whatever their source, however, they have subsequently proven to be erroneous, demonstrating once again that just because something is repeated often enough doesn’t necessarily make it so. In fact, it seems the only things we really know for certain is that we don’t know anything for certain, which is what makes it possible for revisionist historians to make a living and pundits like myself to pretend to be smarter than everyone else. (The “fact” is that most of the things I list below I once assumed to be true myself, demonstrating that even an old blogger like me can be taught a thing or two every now and then—dispelling yet another internet myth.) While there are literally hundreds of erroneous beliefs, misconceptions, or just plain fables from both history and our modern culture to choose from, I’ve managed to narrow the list down to my top ten nominees for the ten most famous “facts” that are wrong. Enjoy—and remember everything I write here is subject to change without notice as new “facts” emerge to challenge my world view 

10. The United States Lost the Vietnam War

Cool concept of the future mobile phones

Today's mobile phones can already send e-mail, browse the Web, and keep you in touch with friends and colleagues via voice or text message. Tomorrow's handsets will add even more to the menu, morphing (as needed) into always-connected portable game consoles, full-featured TVs, and credit cards. Here's a quick look at what's coming.But anyways,the future will definitely be a lot more easier for the mankind.Here are some future beyond designs of mobile phones.Tell me guys which one do you like the most and why...




Genius guy

What would you do if you had no space on your computer to store films downloaded from the Internet? Exactly! Build a huge storage of hard disks. Just as one Russian guy did – he combined hard disks to get a 70TB storage. To cool down this device he put about 20 fans above the box with hard disks.

Working At The Maximum Risk + Bucket Seat

**** Working At The Maximum Risk *****




-The world's largest rave party--

The 'Electric Daisy Carnival' is one of the world's largest electronic dance music festival held on the last weekend of June every year.

Carnival goers dance near the back of the crowd at one of six stages during the third day of the Electric Daisy Carnival, Sunday, June 26, 2011, in Las Vegas

World's First Ever Web Page

There are millions of web pages now, but none of them existed 20 years ago.
The first web page went live on August 6, 1991. It was dedicated to information on the World Wide Web project and was made by Tim Berners-Lee. It ran on a NeXT computer at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN.
The first web page address was

It outlined how to create Web pages and explained more about hypertext.
Here's what it looked like in 1992 (below). No screenshots were taken of the site before then.

NASA Envisions Alien Worlds--ExclUsive..

Out of the Dust, a Planet is Born
In this artist's conception, a possible newfound planet spins through a clearing, detected around the star CoKu Tau 4 by the Spitzer Space Telescope, in a nearby star's dusty, planet-forming disc. The possible planet is theorized to be at least as massive as Jupiter, and may have a similar appearance to what the giant planets in our own solar system looked like billions of years ago.

Hubble Spots Possible New Moons Around Pluto
The artist's concept above shows the Pluto system from the surface of one of the candidate moons. The other members of the Pluto system are just above the moon's surface. Pluto is the large disk at center, right. Charon, the system's only confirmed moon, is the smaller disk to the right of Pluto. The other candidate moon is the bright dot on Pluto's far left. Click image for full resolution.

Facebook Boys Vs Girls

& comments on profiles

The Most Bizzare Soaps Ever Created

|| The Most Bizzare Soaps Ever Created ||
These Strange Soap Bars Were Created For Those Man And Woman Who Wants More From Their Soaps Then Just Cleanliness..

World's Fastest Supercomputer By Japan

~ @ ! World's Fastest Supercomputer By Japan ! @ ~

New machine is three times faster than China's former record holder

A Japanese supercomputer has snatched the title of the world's fastest machine, ending China's brief reign at the top after six months.

The K supercomputer, built by the Fujitsu Company, is as fast as one million desktop computers connected together.

It has more than three times the power than the previous title-holder and is capable of performing eight quadrillion calculations each second. 

The rankings were announced at the 26th International Supercomputing Conference (ISC'11) held in Hamburg, Germany.

Google`s New social network Google+

Google Inc is making its boldest move to take on Facebook in the fast-growing social networking market and to maintain its dominance on the Web.

Google, which has been frustrated by a string of failed attempts to crack the social networking market, introduced a full-fledged social network on Tuesday dubbed Google+ ( It is the company's biggest foray into social networking since co-founder Larry Page took over as chief executive in April.

Page has made social networking a top priority at the world's No. 1 Internet search engine, whose position as the main gateway to online information could be at risk as people spend more time on sites like Facebook and Twitter. 


The Missing Thigh

The Missing Foot

The 3 Handed Miley

The 3 Legged Foot Wash

Explained: Google+, Google's social networking

Explained: Google+, Google's social network

Will Google finally break the social networking jinx?: Google is taking yet another stab at social networking, as it tries to go up against Facebook in this wildly popular and lucrative segment of the Internet. This time the project is called
Google+ and it aims to make online sharing more like real life.

More than a year in the works, the project lets users share things with smaller groups of people through a feature called Circles.This means only college buddies, say, or your favorite co-workers can see the photos, links our updates that you post.

Another feature called Sparks aims to make it easier to find online content you care about, be it news about surfing or barbecue recipes. You can then share this with friends who might be interested in it. In an online video, Google calls it nerding out and exploring a subject together.

Kabul's 26/11: Commando-style attack on five star Intercontinental Hotel

Kabul's 26/11: Commando-style attack on five star Intercontinental Hotel

A hotel popular with VIP guests:
Afghan police sifted through one of Kabul's landmark hotels room by room for any more casualties or security threats after an overnight
assault by Taliban suicide bombers killed 10 Afghan civilians and police. The eight
attackers, armed with
rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons, stormed the
heavily guarded Intercontinental hotel, frequented by Westerners and VIPs, before a
NATO helicopter killed the remaining insurgents in a final rooftop battle that ended a
raid lasting more than five hours. Smoke rises from the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul June 29, 2011

Armed Afghan army officers stand guard at the entrance of the
Inter Continental hotel,
which came under attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, June 29, 2011


There are 3 forms of birth control viz prevention offertilization, prevention of implantation and abortion. However out of the methods yet available, only a few score high in popularity due to the displeasure they might cause. Several forms of latest birth control methods are in pipeline which would be more effective and easier to use. While some women’s products are in development, the real future of birth control is men to control the massive sperm army unleashed. Contraceptives for guys could help women avoid the side-effects of hormonal pills and give men more control over their fertility. Here is preliminary showing into the future of contraception.

SILCS Diaphragm

The SILCS diaphragm is a silicone barrier contraceptive device which is inserted vaginally to cover the cervix. Its dome is filled with BufferGel that acts both as a
spermicide and microbicide that not only immobilizes the sperms but also kills them and
fights infections. It functions identically to a normal contraceptive diaphragm, but avoids
the need for many sizes and a pelvic exam for a correct fit; it is designed as a “one size fits most” device. The designers of the device relied heavily on results from studies of current and former diaphragm users and clinicians to improve acceptability and satisfaction. Women are evaluating the new device for comfort and ease-of-use in
studies, underway in the Dominican Republic, South Africa,Thailand, and the United



There is something in the veil… Some mystique, passion… I’m not really sure what it is, but I see beauty there. What do You see?

Tallest Women

Fatty Police