Thursday, June 30, 2011

Explained: Google+, Google's social networking

Explained: Google+, Google's social network

Will Google finally break the social networking jinx?: Google is taking yet another stab at social networking, as it tries to go up against Facebook in this wildly popular and lucrative segment of the Internet. This time the project is called
Google+ and it aims to make online sharing more like real life.

More than a year in the works, the project lets users share things with smaller groups of people through a feature called Circles.This means only college buddies, say, or your favorite co-workers can see the photos, links our updates that you post.

Another feature called Sparks aims to make it easier to find online content you care about, be it news about surfing or barbecue recipes. You can then share this with friends who might be interested in it. In an online video, Google calls it nerding out and exploring a subject together.

There's also a group messaging service called
Huddle, that brings together related
conversations with different people as a group chat.

The Instant Upload feature lets users instantly upload photos that they take with mobile phones. The photos are stored in a private photo album on Google's remote servers, and users can access them and share them as they see fit.

Hangouts is an online unplanned meet-up where friends can come together for a face- to-face video chat.

Google+ is undergoing what the company calls a field trial, so it's accessible by invitation only and not yet available to the public.The company declined to say when it'll be more widely available.

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