Thursday, June 23, 2011


The invisible dog leash which was once a mania in the 1970s has started to grow its reputation once again. George Zorbas a former US Army Air Corp pilot during WW II had purchased the building in Brooklyn in 1950s to manufacture belts and necklaces for Macys. In the 1970s the company struck gold with the invisible dog a stiff leash and collar surrounding the empty space where a dog would be. With people dying to try anything new found this new prank immensely innovative and the invisible dog leash reached the height of its popularity.But with the death of the owner the company saw its downfall and the factory deserted and turned to ruins of a legacy. Zayan the new owner of the building recognized the perfect art space with a multitude of possibilities. After returning to France he developed a plan based on his 20 years of experience in the French theater including the Aix-en Provence festival and Pariss renowned Theater de Odeon and Theater de la Madeleine. With the owners blessing The Invisible Dog was born with plans to bring the building back to its original glory.The much talked prank group of Brooklyn Improv Everywhere had set their plans to organize a gag. On September 272009 almost 2000 agents of the group bought the leash and started to walk in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn. With the gang earning it¡¯s reputation with the Grand Central Freeze and the No Pants Subway Ride, the walk was another tiger head framed on their wall of pranks.The prank reached its zenith when the agents made it look more natural naming their invisible pal stopping at fire hydrants that marked their pals territory and even cleaning its invisible odorless scrap with plastic bags. With the onlookers dumbstruck in awe and shock the agents made the whole gag look like one big vision defect. They rubbed their eyes to make the dog be seen! Where some recognized the prank others still couldnt figure out the make believe canines.This famous invisible dog leash walk not only made a great prank but also marked the return of the era of the leash and further flooding the building with workers that once was ruminated

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