Saturday, June 25, 2011

Strongest Creature In The World !

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Welcome to the Top 10 strongest creatures in the world at the strength-to-weight ratio. These animals (and not only) can lift 1000 times their weight!

10. A baby grizzly bear weighs only 0.5 kg. When it grows up, it is about 550 kg. Grizzly bears are able to lift 0,8 times their body weight.

9. Ox is able to overpower the weight of 900 kg. It’s twice more than their own weight.

8.Elephants can raise up to 9 tons. It’s 1.7 times the weight of their body. 

7.Tigers can lift the weight at twice their own (about 540 kg). 

6.Strongman Zydrunas Savickas is the strongest man in the world. He can lift weight in excess of his own half. 

5.The Crowned Eagle is the only bird in our list. This African bird can carry prey up to 16 kg while the bird weighs only 4 kg

4.Gorilla can lift weight that is 10 times greater than its own. 

3.Acromyrmex has powerful jaws. This ant can bite off a piece of the leaf that weighs 50 times more that the ant’s body. 

2.Dung beetle can lift an equivalent weight of 6 double-decker buses. In other words it can carry the weight that exceeds its own up to 1141 times. 

1.Oribatid mitesThis tiny creature that might live in your garden can withstand the weight 1180 times greater than its own. 

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