Monday, August 15, 2011

Rare Photos of Captured Boxer Prisoners

Imperial China, in the nineteenth century was in a state of decay. Accompanied and partly responsible for the deterioration of aonce powerful empire was the increasing pressure from the West and later from Japan. The Chinese had been badly beaten in the Opium wars with Britain (concluded in 1842) and were forced to open Chinese ports to foreign trade and residents. The Manchu dynasty, already ravaged by domestic rebellion, found itself powerless to resist further demands from Western Powers and between 1856 to 1898, a network of foreign control over the entire Chinese economy had been established.

The Triads resented this dilution of their entrenched power and in 1898, with the support of the dowager empress who had recently retired, seized the emperor and took control. This started a period of violent reaction that swept the country andculminated in 1900 with the Boxer Rebellion.

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