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10. Cassie L. Chadwick 

Natural born fibber, Cassie L. Chadwick, began her life in crime at the tender age of fourteen when she opened a bank account using suspiciousletter of inheritance written by an uncle. Although Chadwick was eventually jailed for this, it was not long before she was releasedon the grounds that she was too young and merely insane. During the remainder of her life, Chadwick underwent a series of alias¡¯s taking up a series of questionable occupations, including a fortune teller, running a brothel, along with a series of other forgeries. The most elaborate con, however, was when she claimed to be the illegitimate daughter and heiress to Scottish-American entrepreneur, Andrew Carnegie. Through this new identity, for which she gained celebrity status, she managed to rackup $10 and $20 million in bank loans. When she was convicted and sent to court, Andrew Carnegie attended so that he could see the woman responsible using his namesake. Details of Chadwicks life are patchy, due to her shadowy existence, and she even went as far as to conceal her child, Emil Hoover¡¯s identity
9. Tawander Simmons 

All mothers want to spend quality time with their offspring. This is exactly what Tawander Simmon intended to do when she decided to bond with her son, Benny Brice, by robbing a bank with him. Not only that, but two of Brice¡¯s schoolmateswere also involved in the robbery after Simmons checked the three of them out of school especially to commit the crime.
There are some things you just can¡¯t be taught in school.
8. Ma Barker

Another influential, ¡°mothers-know-best¡± type of mom was Ma Barker. She served as the master mind of her family,otherwise known as the aptly titled, Barker Gang. During her time as head honcho of theBarker Gang she led her four sons, Herman, Lloyd, Arthur, and Fred to commit an array of crimes. Amongst those crimes included theft, abduction and a series of other crimes.Strangely enough, as she never actually assisted with any of the crimes per se, (only before and after) she was technically just anaccomplice. Either way, an inspirational mom, no? Teaching her kids in how to make a living
7. Elizabeth B¡¤thory 

Let¡¯s travel down history, back to the early 17th century, and meet Elizabeth B¡¤thory; or morenotoriously known as ¡°The blood Queen¡±. This Countess had six children to take care of, but spent her time otherwise. She, with the sweet assistance of her servants, indulged in tearing apart the girls in her vicinity and taking baths in their blood. She certainly wasn¡¯t a ¡°lovey dovey¡± mom either, as she preferred to bath alone, rather than giving bathing her children
6. Marybeth Tinning 

Now killing one child MAY be justified. Two MAAY be justified. Three MAAAY be justified, although pushing it a bit. But more than that. Seriously? Like Seriously? Marybeth Tinning was convicted of killing one of her children, but in fact nineof her children had died with no visible explanation. It was always thought to have been a genetic problem but when one of heradopted kids died, suspicion mounted. During a police interrogation, Tinning admitted killing three of her children through smothering. Tinning has been denied parole on three occasions since being locked away, and will be eligible againin 2013
5. Daisy Louisa C. De Melker

As only the second woman to be hung in South Africa, Daisy de Melker was a trained nurse who reserved her medical skills for unsavory use when she poisoned her two husbands with strychnine and her son with arsenic. Her motifs for killing her husbands were purely for life insurance; however, the reasons for her son¡¯s murder remain unclear. Of the three murders that she committed, she was only convicted of her child¡¯s, despite being accused of all three. Melker racked up a total of 0„56455 in life insurance payouts, 0„5100 of which was gained from her son¡¯s death. Theaccusations of Melker poisoning her husbands were never proved in a court of law, although she was declared insolvent and was eventually buried in a prison pauper¡¯s grave. And we all thought nurses were supposed to save lives!
4. Mary Ann Cotton 

A vile and greedy serial killer. Mary Ann Cotton had five children, four of whom died of ¡®gastric fever and stomach pains¡¯. Tragedy seemed to follow her as she moved around the country; threemore children were born; three more children died. Her old man soon followed hisoffspring, dying of an ¡®intestinal disorder¡¯ and her insurance paid a 35 pound dividend. Thus, a pattern was established. Her second husband died of intestinal problems, as well as one of her two remaining children. The press caught up with Mary Ann and discovered that as she moved around northern England, she lost three husbands, a lover, a friend, her motherand a dozen children, all dying of stomach fever. She was hanged at Durham County Gaol, March 24, 1873, for murder by arsenic poisoning. She died slowly, the hangman using too short a drop for a ¡®clean¡¯ execution
3. Belle Gunness 

Everyone needs a strong independent mother right, but then everyone needs life insurance too. So let¡¯s meet Belle Gunness; a physically strong lady who certainly knew how to take care of herself. In her many endeavors to gain life insurances benefits, she killed almost all of her husbands, suitors and children.
Talk about investing in the future!
2. Theresa Knorr 

Another mom no girl would ever want, even in the darkest of dreams, is Theresa Knorr. The emphasis that no girl would ever want Ms. Knorr to motherthem is down to the fact that her daughters were the victims, whilst her sons were madeto accompany her sick acts. Her accomplishments included killing her first girl, Suesan Knorr, by shooting her, following a heated argument. However, it wasn¨ªt this that killed her. The bullet remained lodged in Suesan¨ªs back, and the following year when she decided it was time to leave (why it wasn¨ªt sooner remains a mystery), Theresa agreed but only if she could remove the bullet herself. The DIY surgery left poor Suesan with jaundice and, after Theresa claimed it was down to possession of Satan, got her sons to assist her in burning Suesan alive. Then, as if that wasn¨ªt enough, Theresa forced her other girl Sheila Knorr to become a prostitute. Subsequently, Knorr accused Sheila of transmitting an STD to her and trapped her inside a closet where she died of dehydration and starvation. Most parents would be proud to boast of their children¡¯s physical beauty. Knorr, on the other hand, targeted her daughters for the worst abuse, out of her own jealousy of becoming old while they blossomed. Theresa Knorr is eligible for parole in 2027

1. Katherine Knight 

No one can cook a mealquite like Mum, eh. They always seem to go to amazing lengths and admirable feats just to satisfy our taste buds. Ms. Katherine Knight¡¯s efforts, however, subsequently brought her fame as the first Australian woman to be given a life sentence without parole. Following a series of violent relationships (her being the violent one), Knight eventually met the fourth and final man in her life and father of two, John Price.At first, life was ¡°a bunch of roses¡±, but afterPrice claimed he didn¡¯t want to marry things turned nasty. A rocky breakup ensued and Price was forced to take out an Apprehended Violence Order against Knight, which unfortunately didn¡¯t solve matters. Katherine¡¯s overpowering nature hit boiling point when she stabbed Price with a butchers knife 37 times, skinned and decapitated him, then hung him from a meathook. So where¡¯s the reference to cooking? Well, as if that wasn¡¯t enough of a statement,Knight then cooked parts of Price¡¯s body with vegetables with the intent to serve them to his kids. Each dish was addressed tothe both children with an accompanying note. Ms. Knight¡¯s mother had even warned her daughter¡¯s first husband about Katherine, saying ¡°She¡¯s got a screw loose somewhere

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