Friday, July 29, 2011

Bollywood Actresses on Vintage Magzine Covers

Bollywood Actresses on Vintage Magzine Covers!

In this ¡®Vintage¡¯ series we bring you a list of magazine covers featuring Bollywood actresses. From Sharmila Tagore posing in abikini to Hema Malini and ParveenBabi dressed as Razia Sultan, check them out at their glam bes!

Geeta Bali : Imagine paying all of 75 paise for this Geeta Bali memorial issue. Ah¡­ those were the days, weren¡¯t they?

Sharmila Tagore : This was the first two piece bikini on an Indian magazine cover. Tiger Pataudi¡¯s wife¡¯s confidence and poise makes this 1966 trendsetting shoot way ahead of its time.

Rekha : Born Bhanurekha Ganesan, this cover features the ageless Madame R going kitsch with peacock feathers in her new-and-improved look¡­ her plump, gauche avatar was gone for goo!

Parveen Babi : She of the glam Occidental looks. She of the sensuous body and body language. Captured in all her grace in this 1977 cover before she succumbed to a mysterious death after a tumultuous personal life.

Hema Malini : With her take-home-to-mamma looks, she stole and broke many hearts. Kisishayar ki ghazal, Dream Girl ¡­

Jaya Bhaduri : We aren¡¯t crazy about this school-girlish cover featuring an overdressed Jaya surrounded by artificial plants and flowers. But it sure scores brownie points for the nostalgia facto!

Mandakini : Born Yasmeen Joseph, Mandakini ¡ª yup, the onewho allegedly had an affair with gangster Dawood Ibrahim ¡ª sells a wet dream here. We sure it had buyers aplenty.

Razia Sultan : This 1983 film waswritten and directed by Kamal Amrohi on the valiant Mughal queen. The fact that we aren¡¯t likely to see a similar cover in ourtimes makes us love this three-to-tango pose all the more!

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