Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Biggest Disco Ball in the World, photos

Make the entire world your
That is what French artist Michel
de Broin thought to himself
when he decided to create the
world's largest disco-ball.

Checkout the pictures below:

It might sound like a crazy idea,
but Michael de Broin actually did
it. Using a 7.5 meter disco-ball,
featuring 1,000 mirror pieces, the
artist managed to light up Paris
on a winter night. He did so by
hanging the giant disco-ball 50
meters up, using a giant crane,
and projecting light onto it.
The ball was hung up in the
Jardin de Luxumburg and the
light effects that covered Paris
were more than worth the effort
of bulding the whole installation.
plus now Michel de Broin could
enter the record books for the
World’s Largest Disco-Ball.

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