Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fascinating Snakes Photography

Snakes are also in the list of hunters, Some of snakes also hunt the human but its so rare and its only due to human negligence, Human population spread speed is too fast there fore human cut the tree and jungles for living purpose and in that case animals like snakes have no place for living then they go into human homes and near the public parks. Snakes have fifteen families are currently recognize, comprising 456 genera and over 2900 species, Some snakes length is so small but some snakes is too large like king cobra, every snake specie have different qualities like some snake kill pray from Venom and some snakes kill from different styles..Here are 15 different snakes species and these snakes colors are really awesome.

Western Green Mambas

Ball Pythons

Bush Vipers


California King Snakes

Rhinoceros Rat Snakes

Rainbow Boas

Samar Cobras

Red Spitting Cobras

Asp Vipers

Boa Constrictors

Taiwan Beauty Snakes

Papuan Olive Pythons

White-Lipped Pythons

Western Green Mambas

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