Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The most expensive pizza

The owner of pizzeria Ninos Bellissima Pizza, located in New York seems to believe that there are willing to sell out thousands of dollars for a meal in a pizzeria.
Nino Selimaj, he came up with the idea with the most expensive pizza . In 2007 he spent a year researching what ingredients can be used for this purpose. Eventually, he stopped at the filling of the 4 types of caviar, lobster tail, salmon roe and wasabi. Each of the four pieces, which sold for $ 250, includes various kinds of caviar. Selimazh acknowledges that the pizza is delicious on its prescription is not available to all. Especially after the financial crisis has hit a pocket of his patrons. Before the crisis, he sold from 2 to 10 packages of pizza a week, but then sales dropped to one pizza for 2 weeks or even months.
Despite the difficulties in business, a pizzeria Nino continues to offer visitors the most expensive pizza in the world.

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