Thursday, June 2, 2011

Top 10 cultural places 2 visit

Top 10 cultural places 2 visit

1. Athens, Greece:>
This is an remarkable city, with its mix of ancient and contemporary. A stroll around the Acropolis and the Parthenon to see so many places in the city. The museums in this capital city are distinctive and if you have by no means been to Greece, then you really should do the only place to go to on your bucket list.
2. Crete, Greece::
Minoan civilization is one that had the most amazing statues, architecture and running water. In the Palace of Knossos you can see the labyrinth of the Minotaur, which is supposed to have lived and eaten at the virgins and young men sent to Crete every year. The entire island is full of myths and history and is the location for men and women who want to combine culture with relaxation on the pristine beaches. 
3. Indus Valley, Pakistan
This region is unknown and unexplored by the West with regard to Egypt, for example. Nevertheless, the Indus Valley civilization was actually in front of other people, not only in Asia but also in the world.
4. Prague
Whilst this is not an ancient site in the very same way as those mentioned above, it is well worth visiting, specifically in spring when street trees are in bloom. It is not to marvel at the architecture and the Museum of Torture for those with a sense of the macabre. 
5. Isfahan, Iran
This is an critical city in the Persian empire and the artisans of the city are producing goods that are extremely well made and designed. The ornate gate at the entrance of the city is worth seeing and tourists can effortlessly appreciate the beauty of this when splendid city. 

6. London
London is full of history and old buildings abound. You can even find the ancient walls of the capital city, if you get bored with museums, art galleries and historic buildings are waiting for you to visit.
7. Paris
Paris rival London and most likely has the largest number of interesting museums, art galleries and historic buildings. Notre Dame Cathedral and the Palace of Versailles are really wonderful, and if you go to coincides with celebrations of Beaujolais Nouveau, which have a memorable stay. Nonetheless, it is prudent to prevent consumption in tourist areas
8. Moscow
Moscow will surprise and delight you with its grandeur. The development of onion-shaped domes on the horizon is extremely impressive and make a lasting impression. The Hermitage is a matter of days for all and all lovers of culture will love. The Russians think that it is much much better than the Louvre, but would have to judge for yourself.
9. Mexico City 
Mexico City is house to what is almost certainly the best anthropological museum in the world once more and again this takes days to see in its entirety. The treasures of ancient civilizations: Maya, Aztecs and Olmecs are incredible. Of course you may possibly want to extend the trip and enjoy Macchu Pichu, which was not included in this leading 10, since they can not sustain the ravages of tourism a lot more. The sad factor about the ancient ruins of the world is that several tourists climbing around the ancient sites and harm would be a shame that future generations could not visit due to the destruction we have caused. 
10. Rome
Rome or in the Eternal City has significantly to provide cultural tourists, not only in the Pantheon and the Colosseum, but a big number of archaeological sites all through the city and its surroundings. As you move to the city you will see individuals living near the ancient ruins, and only then can really appreciate the greatness of the ancient city was. You can also pay a visit to Pompeii and Herculaneum, although in Rome and in these sites truly support you see the splendor of the ancient Roman Empire

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