Friday, July 8, 2011

China Leads World in Clean Technology

~ @ ! China Leads World in Clean Technology ! @ ~

Many nations are rapidly increasing their investments in the area of clean or sustainable or renewable energy such as wind, solar and thermal power. China's renewable energy strategy through 2050 envisions renewable energy making up one-third of its energy consumption by then. The world's fastest growing economy is already leading the world in clean energy investments

A resident rides an electric bicycle past apartment blocks in Beijing.
A transportation phenomenon is sweeping the world's largest population of bike users. They're going electric. Thanks to government encouragement and a population well versed in riding two wheels to work, the country has become the world's leading market for the cheap, green vehicles, helping to offset some of the harmful effects of the country's automobile boom.

Organic seeds

A worker inspects lettuce plants growing under artificial light and in a liquid solution at China's first computer-controlled greenhouse seedling factory located on the outskirts of Beijing August 27, 2010. The factory will supply 15 million pesticide-free vegetable, fruit and flower seedlings per year to domestic growers.

Researchers work behind China's first cloned pig, stuffed and displayed at the "Cloning & Genetic Engineering" section of the Beijing Genomics Institute in Shenzhen, southern China March 3, 2010. Some experts say the world is on the cusp of a "golden age" of genomics, when a look at the DNA code will reveal your risk of cancer, diabetes or heart disease, and predict which drugs will work for you. Yet the $3 billion international Human Genome Project, whose first phase was completed a decade ago, has not led to a single blockbuster diagnosis or product. 

Recycling e-waste

An employee arranges discarded televisions at a newly opened electronic waste recycling factory in Wuhan, Hubei province March 29, 2011. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), e-waste is the fastest growing commodity in the waste stream, with a growth rate five times that of other parts of the business such as industrial waste.

'New-Energy' vehicles

Men work on a Skoda Green E Line car during the 14th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in April, 2011. Electric and "new-energy" vehicles took the spotlight at China's Shanghai Auto Show this year with Honda Motor Co and one of its Chinese partners joining the ranks of other car makers announcing new models of energy efficient cars. 

Wind enery saving power losses

Pedaling green

An employee moves a bike at an electric bike factory in Hefei.E-bikes that are basically pedal-powered machines with an electric boost are common in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but e-scooters with heavier motors and top speeds of around 30 mph, fast enough to rival mopeds, are growing in popularity.

Betting big on green biz

Employees work at the solar cells production line of the Blue Carbon Technology Inc. in Rizhao

Green public transport

A woman cleans the interior of a high-speed train on display outside the venue of the 7th World Congress on High Speed Rail in Beijing December 7, 2010.

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