Friday, July 1, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle In Water

~ @ ! Volkswagen Beetle In Water.... ! @ ~

A life size 8 ton cement replica of the classic Volkswagon beetle has been sunk at a depth of 8 metres on the Manchones Reef, Cancun, Mexico.

Designed by Jason deCaires Taylor the sculpture is built to house marine life 

The Cancun and Isla Mujeres Underwater Art Museum plan to install more than 400 concrete sculptures off the coast of Mexico 

Picture: Jason De Caires Taylor/Barcroft

The VW beetle or "votcho" as it is known in Mexico is an iconic symbol and the classic shape was still in production until March 2003. Its rounded aerodynamic shape makes it perfectly suited to maintain stability underwater from strong currents and tropical storms 

Other submerged sculptures at the underwater park by the British/Guyanese artist Jason de Caires Taylor include the Dream Collector 

The sculpture features dozens of bottles containing messages of encouragement sent from around the world 

Man on Fire features 75 holes planted with fire coral 

The Gardener of Hope depicts a young girl lying on a garden patio
imperium is online now

The Marine National Park off the coast of Cancun attracts about 750,000 visitors each year 

The underwater museum is one method of reducing the impact of tourism on the region's natural coral reefs because the sculptures create a new, artificial habitat. 

Jason de Caires Taylor's sculpture the Dream Collector is loaded onto the back of a boat in Cancun marina
imperium is online now

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